Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stage 3 or Thunder Island open, and 2nd wing of ToT LFR

When I logged out last night the Borean Tundra Server was at 99%, so confidence is high that the next area will be unlocked, yeah!!!  New stuff to kill, err, well maybe just same stuff given by new guys, guess we will see.

2nd wing of Throne of Thunder opens today.  Finally got a Sha touched Staff in LFR last week.  over 200 rolls to get it, but I finally have one, so of course I expect after dropping a boat load of gold on mats that the Jade Spirit enchant I put on it is going to guarantee a higher chance to drop a new shiny weapon for me this week.

Want to take a second to say Wow. Where did we come from out of the blue, Borean Tundra now ranked 79th US.  /chest thump.  WTG guys. 

The game has soooo much for us to do, and I have such limited time, well if 3 hours a night is limited, currently it is not exactly Alt friendly but I can see where they are going.  At some point there will not be anything new to do, and working on Alt's will be less grindy.  Time will tell.

Finding quite a few players from the late Wrath, early Cata era coming back to the game, been giving them a place to call home without any pressure of #OMGYOURSIXMONTHSBEHIND.  It's all about having fun with good friends. 

Feeling a bit more upbeat since I just told myself that I don't need to meet the expectations of others for what they consider is the way to play the game.  SO I am marking to my own drummer, doing what I love to do. 

That's about it for now.  This blogging thing is not easy to keep up on.  But I am trying.

Monday, February 18, 2013

5.2 is looming

So here we are, February 18th, 2013.  Patch 5.2 was possibly going to be next Tuesday, but now likely March 5th.  Lots of interesting changes.  496 gear from rep, will cost 25% less, and the 489 will get a 50% discount.  Not a whole lot of help for me, except for possibly a piece or two.  Will have to see how close I am to patch day if I will wait to buy to save 438 Valor.

Finished the initial Wrathion guests with the sigils.  Had Revered already so that was just a turn in.  6000 valor.  Now who ever came up with a crazy number like that.  Yeah I guess it is 6 weeks for the top players, but honestly, is there much they will even want from the rewards from these quests?  Many are already full clear 16/16 heroic by now.  Figure I will need 8-10 weeks for this part.  What is the phrase?  The reward is not in completing a task, it's in the journey? 

Still looking for a weapon.  Klaxxi Blue dagger upgraded is all I have had for a while now.  I have the +500 Sha gem in the bank.  More than 100 LFR and Regular rolls and no Sha weapon.  I know they say, RNG must hate you, but when others link drops and you are still waiting it tends to get frustrating.  Want to congratulate Fates Call on downing Elegon over the weekend.  I know it has been aggravating not being able to get past him.

Raiding.   I'm on the fence.  I do enjoy clearing a full raid, but I no longer have the patience to run them week after week.  Maybe its age, maybe some burnout, but I feel like if I am in there for 3+ hours, I am falling behind on other aspects.  We have so much to do.  Too much I think.

Well that's about as much of a boring update I have in me.  Maybe eventually I will get into this blog thing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 New Year

Finished up all rep grinds except the PvP ones yesterday.  Feels less grindy now that I only have 1 left.  Still need 3 of the farmers, damn those panda's are hungry.  Got my 55th exalted rep.  On to the 60th and the title "the Beloved" 

Been doing some pet battle's.  They are interesting, but I am quickly learning that the PvP fights, if you see someone with full Blizz store, or ultra rare pets, its best to concede and move on.  Have 3 blues to level 17 now.  May work on them off and on.

Got my fingers crossed that I win Blood Soaked Invite tonight.  Made a 1000g tip on a Jade Spirit enchant so bumped a bit up higher than normal.  Getting tired of being out bid all the time.

I find it interesting that even as close as we are to 5.2 PTR there have been no major nerfs to existing raids.  At least none that I have see people complaining about catering to the casuals, man I hate when people say that. 

So celebrated my 50th birthday, day after Christmas, cannot believe I am 50 and I play video games.  LOL.

That's about it for now.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurrican Sandy a week later

Have not felt like playing all that much in the last week.  My in laws home at the NJ shore is not completely destroyed, but anything lower than 3 feet off the floor in the house is gone.  Televisions, DvD players, furniture, beds, hot water heater, carpets, and all the lower 4 feet of drywall is now out at the curb, along with thousands of others in the area.  The entire house has been scrubbed down with bleach and cleansers. I will have to go over it again later when it is all dry.  Carpets were developing mold on the back, and they are synthetic, so never let anyone tell you they could be saved and cleaned.

Hole in the back wall of the shed is more of a door now.  The dock survived without damage, many neighbors have floating docks on top of their upper docks, many boats are gone.  Two area marinas are gone.  So worrying about getting a daily done, or maxing valor for the week, or getting LFR run is not all that important right now.

The insurance on the house does not cover anything, and because it is not a "Principal residence" they are pretty much screwed.  We will rebuild it all.  My plans to redo my bathroom nest year are on hold, seeing them worried and not being able to see the damage because we are concerned for their health is tough.  But we will fix it all, and they will be able to enjoy spending time down the shore, fishing and crabbing. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another day, another 16 crops

Dailies may kill the game.  Hard to believe that Farmville may be the ultimate WoW killer.  Getting into a routine, log in, check mail, make Sha Crystal, fly to Silken fields to make cloth, harvest, plant, do Tillers quests, try to get a random in.........rinse repeat. 

Faction dailies are on hold.  Tried to work on cloud serpents, got as far as finding 2 eggs.  That was enough.  Looks like there is some support for my idea about letting us use lesser coins for faction rep. I think it has some merit.  Guess we will see if a Blue takes notice, maybe tweet a link to them.


Saw an Elwynn lamb on black market starting bid 10k, wish I had that kind of money.  Maybe some day.

One the plate for tonight, more farming.  Headless Horseman mount grind coming to a close on year 4.  /shakes fist

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1 month in

So today is 1 month in to the expansion.  Let the long haul begin.  Felt like I made 0 progress last night.  Got on about regular time, went out and took care of the Tillers yet again.  Fortunately it seems now I am only working on rep with the rest of the clan.  Think I have 4 or 5 of them as best buddies now.  I think there will be a point when I just toss in the towel and just buy food buffs from the AH.  Half my bags are filled with cooking materials and cooked food in case one of them wants some dinner.

Did the Headless Horseman last night.  Pally Tank was bad.  Could not hold aggro off me, I popped everything, even stopped DPS, it was almost like they did it on purpose.  So 2 deaths and run backs, a wipe, and then they showed up for the fight and we got it down.  Still no mount after 4 years.  Couple more tries still left.

Did not run a dungeon, did not do LFR, really had no desire to.  I think right now it is just too much to do, yeah I know they say you don't have to do the rep grinds, but if you want to raid at all, you need the Valor gear and that means grinding rep to unlock them.  Unless you are sitting on piles of gold and can buy pieces of BoE.

Kind of down about Shadowpriest.com being gone.  I will be the first to admit the site had issues, and a lot of blame should be put on the company that owned it.  They had all sorts of ideas and made a lot of promises that they never followed through with.  It's a shame, if they had done even half of what they told us they would have, it would have been very successful.  I wish I had gotten a hold of Veiled sooner and told her what HoHo and I were talking about and had just done it all then, back in January instead of waiting as long as we did.  Being a Moderator was an honor, even if it was only at the end when it was already heading down hill, is something I will always cherrish.  It really was not a difficult job.  Ban about a dozen spammers a week, move the occasional post to a corect forum, fix broken links in posts, and just read.  We are a pretty good group of people and we do not really need a lot of moderation.  I just hope that whatever little bit I did at the end, posting on General and at MMO-C for everyone to switch, and telling the owners that I had done it, and the should just sell or shut it down, made some difference in H2P being able to buy the site up for a lot less than they wanted.  I have to admit, I did consider taking the offer they made to take over the site.  If I knew more about web design I probably would have.  As it was giving me full admin rank may have helped to clean it up some.  Kilee has told me he will continue to keep his guide going as long as the site is up.  Just crossing my fingers about doing all of this.  I guess time will tell.

Howtopriest.com is by far a much better site.  The info is current, the theory crafters are all there, and it is not exclusively Shadow.  I don't feel comfortable offering any advice on gear checks with the new system of talents and glyphs.  There really isn't a quote "Bad Choice" unless you are picking all healing talents to DPS.  Yeah the cookie cutter build was boring, but you could tell in 10 seconds something was dead wrong if you saw points taken in Holy for Shadow.  Now it can depend on the fight.  Rotations are out the window too.  It is too much for me to offer any basic tips to anyone, so I stay away from a part of the game I use to love doing.  I think that except for ramblings here, I may be done with Forums.  I am not some super knowledgeable player with years of experience.  If I ever think of something that does not seem right I will ask privately.  Just feel like I am going from a place where I could contribute to one where I am an elementary school kid trying to talk to College grads working on doctoral papers.  All I can offer is the point of view for the average player.  Don't know if common sense and keeping it simple will fit in with all the advanced theory.  Two very different worlds for sure.  those in the top 5% and the other 95% of us.

Well may take a few days off from here.  Unless something exciting happens. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Back

Well apparently GMail had some issues with me using Marathal Shadowpriest as a name, suspended account.  All fixed I hope, not that I expect thousands of people to read this all some day.

So coming up on week 4 of the Mists of Pandailia expansion.  Been busy.  Have all of the regular quests done, Loremaster taken care of.  Explored everywhere, Lorewalkers is out of the way, Love flying disk, especially as a Shadowpriest.  Exalted with Tillers but still need to max cooking, Archeology maxed out and got the BoA umbrella, Honored with Golden Lotus and finally got the tailoring patterns, just in time for there to not be a market for the gear.  Klaxxi still working on, and all the others, got Cloud Serpents to Revered, yeah!!

Dungeons are interesting, sometimes a challenge, sometimes not.  Definite improvement over Cata heroics.  LFR.  Hmmm, yeah, something wrong there, have not had 1 full run, just groups doing 1 boss then falling apart, no idea what is up with that.  Downed Sha of Punch me in face I drop loot for everyone but you twice now.  Have yet to see Galleon, but understand a lot of people are greifing others.  Hope they phase it to the first group that tags.

Lesser coins are a joke.  Probably have over 300 and cant turn in but 90 a week for 3 coins.  That needs to change.  I suggested allowing us to turn in 100 for 1000 rep.  No one said hey great idea or no thats stupid.  Hoping someone at Blizz thinks its a good idea.  I thought so. (edit, Woaden, thought it was a great idea, if you ever read this TY)

Well tonight knocking out Panda candy buckets, and maybe a random.  Thats it for now.