Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stage 3 or Thunder Island open, and 2nd wing of ToT LFR

When I logged out last night the Borean Tundra Server was at 99%, so confidence is high that the next area will be unlocked, yeah!!!  New stuff to kill, err, well maybe just same stuff given by new guys, guess we will see.

2nd wing of Throne of Thunder opens today.  Finally got a Sha touched Staff in LFR last week.  over 200 rolls to get it, but I finally have one, so of course I expect after dropping a boat load of gold on mats that the Jade Spirit enchant I put on it is going to guarantee a higher chance to drop a new shiny weapon for me this week.

Want to take a second to say Wow. Where did we come from out of the blue, Borean Tundra now ranked 79th US.  /chest thump.  WTG guys. 

The game has soooo much for us to do, and I have such limited time, well if 3 hours a night is limited, currently it is not exactly Alt friendly but I can see where they are going.  At some point there will not be anything new to do, and working on Alt's will be less grindy.  Time will tell.

Finding quite a few players from the late Wrath, early Cata era coming back to the game, been giving them a place to call home without any pressure of #OMGYOURSIXMONTHSBEHIND.  It's all about having fun with good friends. 

Feeling a bit more upbeat since I just told myself that I don't need to meet the expectations of others for what they consider is the way to play the game.  SO I am marking to my own drummer, doing what I love to do. 

That's about it for now.  This blogging thing is not easy to keep up on.  But I am trying.

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